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    Memory of Dust

    Barefoot was a luxury
    I wear sandals now
    March the 13th, 2020
    Do you remember how you ran
    Leaving dust clouds behind?
    Left me coughing in the heat
    Smiling through the smoke
    I've come to miss the dust
    The coarse grains of earth on my skin
    And the way it all washed away
    Under the evening showers I liked
    To dance and get drenched in.
    We're all inside now and have been for a long time
    I have come to fear the outside
    And open my doors to anyone again
    I have come to hate the sun
    And fear human company

    Do you remember the dry and humid days?
    The junk food and cold drinks
    The way you chomped on ice-creams
    And blew on a hot cup of tea
    The traffic sounds and the carbon trails
    The glowing earth on the playground
    As you ran after stupid balls
    And all those dust clouds
    Now blown away by the stagnant winds
    Into the cold dark labyrinths of our hearts
    Where all our good times lie dormant now.
    Where I loved you and you loved me.

    Say, I ask you again.
    Do you remember
    The memory of dust?