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    The bg must have told where is the inspiration from: The original speech gives me goosebumps and there was another one by the former Indian Prime Minister Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi...so that's that. Happy reading.

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    I am young,
    and I too love to dream.

    I love to dream with my eyes open,
    oh! how intoxicating it is to make things happen,
    Sometimes I am the Wonder Woman,
    sometimes a phantom,
    but everytime the goal reaches a completion.
    I sing and dance, cook (oh no) and paint,
    in between go treasure hunting
    and meet people unknown.
    I dream to free the innocents from the clutches
    of the devils,
    help them find the light at the end of the tunnel,
    I dream to wipe off the heavy malicious curtains of hatred and misunderstanding,
    so that the little ones can bloom under the sky of trust and compassion.
    I dream to see everyone has a belly full and a roof over the head,
    for evil lurks in empty stomachs, and where roof is a hole.
    I am one but my dreams are galore,
    I wish to do and achieve so much more.
    So dreaming I do and hope you too
    work towards turning them true.