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    I feel nothing, nothing at all
    Beware of the rosy error
    that is love, the never-ending
    yearning with unpredictability.

    Can you pick up the letters
    from different pages and
    create a sensible sentence
    in one of the chapters of my life?
    Can you be the place
    where I store all my words?
    Tell me,
    Is it too much to ask for?

    Honey to my chamomile tea
    that I sip while remembering you.
    The sweet taste of your smile
    and the gentle notes of your voice
    that makes me wonderfully relaxed.

    Can you help me reduce
    the anxiety that drips from my body
    and never lets me sleep?
    Can you be the chamomile tea
    that I can drink whenever I feel worried?
    Tell me,
    Is it too much to ask for?

    Standing alone in the rain
    under the dark grey sky,
    the sunshine disappeared just
    like the cars that pass by me.

    Can you come back and pick me up
    from the deserted boulevard?
    Can you be the twinkling sunlight of
    my dark heart, a beautiful
    hope to a hopeless self?
    Tell me,
    it isn't too late.

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    I feel nothing, nothing at all
    Do you hear me?