• phoenix_in_ashes 5w

    Fluttering dragon flies
    Cosmic night seeking sighs
    Beguiling blanket wrapped twilight
    Boulevards feeling brazen breeze
    Brewing coffee, sipping tranquility
    Forming translations betwixt dreams
    Her hairs assuaging utopian cicatrix
    For fingertips melting upon tender lips,
    Whenever quixotic ink pours with poetries
    It tends to paint portraits along fine margins,
    Marking beginnings with sunshines
    Slipping raindrops on her wings
    They flutter like dragon flies mating,
    Vehemently vibrating in appease
    Fabric of life often bittersweet
    There's love along shadows of ache,
    There's bliss behind unimaginable pain
    There's hope after teary eyes begin to beam
    There're cosmic night to forget everything
    And let your heart be in solemn peace.

    #peace #pod

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