• angeljohn 8w

    Young Eyes

    Young eyes of mine,
    you host; an expression with a twine.
    For that's the innovation
    secretly mended in you, by the blue.
    Rennovation having no correction,
    you anchor strong; with an wellspring attitude.

    But and yet,
    your ideas aren't being invited
    by the world, so rude and bold,
    that can create and delete.
    Remain intimate, for the fellows investigate
    your inocence and will teach you immense.

    These days, being adjustable
    and having an adaptable mane and mind
    is a mortal wreath self-worn,
    to have farewells shown.
    Cause the world, appreciates richness alone.

    Ideas new, create jealousy in few.
    Adaption is an invitee of ego, among new.
    Intimacy is missing within today's crew.
    Investigation is a bill of interest, to find what's true.
    Innocence indulges within a voiceless mew.
    Cause world never learns from you,
    but it cruely teaches you
    and its very hard to pass through.

    Thus, young eyes of mine,
    stay blind towards the voices
    presenting you words of appreciation.
    As those fake lyrics are only an examination,
    if you completely trust those verses;
    you'll fail, without fail!

    Therefore, work in a glimpse of silence.
    Let your proven attitude alone, have a loud talk.
    Reform your circumstances, using your experience.
    Let your victories and golden medals only,
    advertise your unique brightness.
    Be a star, never enter a war.
    Be a confident leader, never be an imitator.

    Young eyes of mine,
    learn, keep learning and never stop learning!