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    stack the knives and blades,
    with their sharp, bloodthirsty
    edges, into the furnace,
    and burn the flame high,
    until all of it melts and flows;
    then pour it in a mould of
    a necklace and throw in
    some shiny jewels;
    give it to the girl who told
    you a fortnight ago,
    that she's in love with you;
    slide it gently behind her
    neck and lock-it with
    her; then look into her
    eyes, and gaze into them
    until all of her melts
    and flows; lastly, turn your
    back on her and don't look
    back, at all; hear her sob,
    and bellow, but take the
    first drive you see and
    leave, don't ever see her
    hope is a double-edged
    sword; weapons could
    hurt you once, but
    false hope could kill you
    enough before you're
    finally declared dead.

    wash the gunpowder
    off your body and
    gulp down a cup of
    bitter coffee;
    put on a fine
    black dress and wear his
    favourite perfume;
    make him write a poem where
    he decorates his love
    for you in fancy, artsy words;
    let him plead, and then
    go to the prom with him;
    hold his hand, and whisper
    in his ear, a promise—
    of all the dances, and a kiss
    under the mistletoe;
    enter the hall
    in your sheath gown,
    and send him
    off to get a drink;
    kiss a guy you've slept
    with before and then
    another one in a dull tuxedo,
    while he stands by the table,
    with shards of
    glass around him;
    let them pierce his heart,
    and leave behind wounds;
    leave the party with the
    prom king, and don't turn

    gunpowder could crack
    the walls you can see,
    but false hope
    cracks the heart,
    you can't.

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