• thesagacontinues07 26w

    Fear of Love!

    From the perspective of a heartbroken soul,
    Who has never seen love grow,
    These lines are what that hold,
    The feelings that never dared to be shown.

    What am I missing, what are my mistakes and flaws,
    What is it that I am lacking that isn't to your liking at all,
    What is it about me that doesn't interest you,
    I'd change the world if I had the power only if I knew,

    The answers to these questions that haunt me everyday,
    I'm trying my best to be awesome in every way,
    I'm denying to get negative by rebelling against my needs,
    To feel what I feel and not discard them as misunderstandings,

    But this unfortunate place where I often get stuck at,
    Feels like home now, comfort in discomfort, front and back,
    Back and forth, everyday it's a clash, it's a war,
    In my body, between the mind and the heart that gets thrown,
    And tears up when the mind determines to repel,
    And brings a conviction to not feel what is to be felt,

    It a mess, where do I go, for my mind jogs alone,
    And the heart yearns for love more and more,
    The time I spend with you, it's excruciatingly painful,
    How do I know what to do, when the mind is half full,
    And the heart is fully halves into tiny pieces like glass,
    The shards never join back, it just gets more and more sad.

    I fear love, for it is the one emotion that takes,
    Everything out of me and never returns it in the same way!