• deepak_pt 109w

    I had always dreamt a life full of love.
    Unfortunately fate sealed my hopes with a life full of hate.
    You know what?
    A question keeps arising in my mind every now and then.
    Is love still flowing with my blood??
    Is love still dwelling in my veins??
    See..I’m not sure about that but i know something else for sure.
    This love is still breathing somewhere in the deepest part of my heart.
    The moment i search and find this love, it starts going further deep and puts my heart in an ocean of excruciating pain.
    So..Does this love have any chance to see the light of this world again?
    Does this love have any chance to blend with my unquenchable feelings at any point of time?
    Yes..That is what i’m waiting for.
    A wish of love to bring back the divinity, every heart in this world is deprived of.
    That is what my life needs too.
    A wish to breathe. A wish to live. A wish to stay in love forever.