• maimaiii 55w

    Ironic Speeds of Time

    Albert Einstein once said,
    "Time moves at different speeds."

    Yes, I absolutely agree on him
    I admitted while joyfully singing

    There were times
    When a week seems to last for days
    When a day seems to last for an hour
    And an hour seems to last for a minute

    But why it is when happy moments occur?
    When you're singing with friends as a tedium cure
    You're laughing with loved ones sweetly
    Or when you're getting the chance to breath freely

    Is it the melodic sounds of laughs,
    Or the rhythm of cheerful heartbeats?
    That cause the time to fly too fast
    in a speed greater than the light itself

    There were also times
    When a day seems to last for weeks
    When an hour seems to last for days
    And a minute seems to last for hours

    Paradoxically, it happens during your greatest despair
    When the world tests you through your serious fear
    When you're grieving, sobbing with tears
    Or waiting for someone to miraculously appear

    Is is the melancholic sobs of souls,
    Or the tears that are now stale?
    That cause the time to crawl
    In a speed slower than an injured snail

    I asked the wind for a billion times
    Yet, they only laugh at me in chimes
    Took arms against this sea of thoughts
    I would like to collapse it all in one boom

    This time and its domain
    A complicated maze, perhaps
    We are just a shadow in this game
    A small dimensions of infinite possible fields

    It's hard to explain nor to comprehend
    because normally it existed as a trend

    Time is indeed ironic, just like our lives
    So we have to learn how to adjust and strive