• omweri 9w

    When Love will come

    I will surely know,
    When Love comes.

    Well maybe to Justify my choice I'll convince me she's the one, For not once I have.
    Trying to make her the Love.She that was to be a life companion.
    And I've failed so much with the I have a conviction she's the one.
    But later had convictions she wasn't.

    But now,
    I'll surely know when she comes.

    She'll have a air hostess' beauty and this legend musician's voice,
    And that perfect shape - you know what I'm talking about!
    And... what else did they say?
    I'll know by also staying together to try and see if she be the one.

    But ain't that only what they said.
    And if that's I'll I'd see,
    I'll she is not the one.

    I'll wait for this crazy clues.
    I'll wait for the hates from no roots,
    For those drama.
    The from today don't talk to me.
    And Asking why she be
    You sh'd have some other friends.
    I'll wait for they giving me tons of reasons well organized trying to suggest just go,
    I'll figure it out.
    I'll look for eye contacts and the avoidance trick.

    And I'll know for I'll not look at her in the eyes,
    When My heart will lapse and my mind goes blind,
    I'll know for when we'll talk I'll have to arrange my speech first.
    When I'll sacrifice so bad for her
    And her loving back won't mean anything to how I treat her.
    I'll be praying for her,
    That she finds the right boo for her.
    And I'll be happy of her achievements.
    And jealous when she be talking to her buddy friends.

    And so,
    When love will come
    I'll know
    But now I'll be keen