• thenixwrites 33w

    You may be '5378 miles' away but it doesn't stop me from thinking 'Everything About You'

    I 'Adore you' in every way I could and 'I can't get enough' of it

    I hardly could even remember when this love started but could assure I'm gonna do this 'Endlessly'

    I could see a 'Fine line' between you being handsome and cute. It's 'fun for now' to see you performing but it has my heart forever

    I could listen to 'watermelon sugar' a thousand times and it has the same feeling !
    The name 'Carolina' is so blessed to be in your albums
    I would listen to you forever and this is 'Better than being alone'

    I couldn't tell you 'Dont forget to remember me' but you are gonna stay forever in my mind.

    Whenever I wanna go home, you sing and I'm 'Already home'

    Love you HARRY STYLES❤️ ©thenixwrites

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