• kosachaya 5w

    Emptiness started the search
    For what I wanted to be..
    Poetries pave the way
    for what I can be ..
    - S Gayathri Vijayaragavan

    #end #wod

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    Emptiness quince
    souls brevity to the extremist
    where voice echoes
    the volume of mental cremation
    dwelling reprisal of
    traumatic chaos,
    bleeding ambiguity
    with vague silhouettes.

    Twitching intangible bruises,
    ensnare the longing
    adored in pessimistic search.
    Sangfroid susceptibility towards
    dead belonging to tangle initiation
    from robust rejuvenation
    culminating oblivion thoughts
    driving obscure verses uniqueness.

    To delineate a quixotic world
    where poesy liberate solace
    with entangled anthem of freedom
    Bewitching incumbent heart of
    everyone becomes a poet.

    - S Gayathri Vijayaragavan