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    The cosmos seemed enigmatic for it had boundless riven remnants plated in together fabricating the vast " path "which was sleek as the "milk" flowing through. Sprinkled with starry spheres , it guides through a way of aesthetic bodies.

    Minute looms of dust and comets of the Kuiper Belt weave 'round the Poseidon - which gleams as a turquoise hued celestial body.

    Sailing as a vagrant , I stay buoyant in the black sphere , as I fall into the serendipity of the interstellar nebular structure.

    As I sail through , something glistened in a colorless contour , as I disclose it - I found about the existence of the - Lucida which reflects my aura into vivid shades of dazzling entities swirling with each other to sum up the aurora borealis .

    I felt miserable lying on the - Andromeda with no one to haul me back ; like every time I was reminded of my mom in absolute solitude . But this time I was reminded of something strange along with my mom. I remembered her whispering to me when she was holding her last breath, where I was comforting myself in dad's arms - Dear ! Your eyes held that inevitable power that one could never be against of ; the power of love! Hold it back when you feel alone and you would reach to where you were lost! Remember , the stars in your eyes shall live longer than history for they behold the secrecy of untold truths and unuttered metaphors of reality !"

    I realized that I slept all these time with the the stars of Orion singing mellifluous melodies of lullabies!

    This is just a fictional story where the writer finds herself in a strange journey to different celestial bodies of the space!

    Set A - Miserable
    Set B - The stars in your eyes shall live longer than history

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    I was gazing at the splendorous starry spheres with a drugget on the ground , I felt amazed for the voyage I travelled all around !
    I never felt of a celestial sphere crafting fantasies alluring ,
    For it made my day enduring!