• thelogophilia 38w


    Be careful when you make a mistake, because one may forgive.. but that one will never forget as long as they live...
    Be careful when you fall in love, it's beautiful to fall at first..but when heart breaks it's worst....
    Be careful when you trust someone, because trusting someone blindly is kind..but it takes only a few seconds for that one to prove you really blind....
    Be careful in friendship, because a friend seems nice when newly made..but when some of them start to use their friendship it starts to fade, mistakes are made , hearts go break, trust fades away and Friendship goes away....
    But the one you should never hurt is Yourself, because at last only you are the one who really stays......!!
    Keep your knife where you can reach it.
    Never, ever owe anyone anything.
    Nothing is free.
    Fake smiles , stick around for a while.
    Always construct a lie from truth.
    Never, under any circumstances, reveal what or who matters to you at that moment they will use you, your emotions...!!