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    It is to easy for people to hurt and make you feel you are always wrong and you can never be right. You can stay awake in night's, wondering and asking the God, "why me always.?"
    Crawling on your bed, crying hiding your face in pillows,sheets. Feeling the ache, heartbreak and imperfections.
    But You can take this opportunity to hold and move on. Add importance to your life and soul.
    Bringing strongest of yourself.

    The lotus being the emblem of rebirth in figurative and a literal sense. It offers us with hope of giving you strength to believe in yourself. That something beautiful can blossom out of suffering. No matter where you are in your journey, let the loto reminds you to always trust to the unseen path that lead you to the sun. Harder you struggle more spirited you become in the end.

    To emerge yourself from dark nights to bright beautiful days.
    Raising and blooming above the murk to achieve the enlightenment.

    Add loto colours to your life,
    With Blanco, Purify your soul from all the pains, murkiness, all the imperfections. Miracles of tyyneys sparks. Keeping faith within and trusting the process.

    With every Rojo, Be compassionate, kind, loving yourself. Be the cherry to your own cake. Bring the confidence and glamour to your life as the coccineous gleams.

    Azul your life with thoughts of wisdom. The crystal clear sense to your existence. Triggering the hormones of calmness and dopamine. Focusing your goals and dreams. Having a cyaneous sky above you.

    Foster by awakening your sense of creativity. Porphyrous with the magic of the gramary and seraphic. The passion to reach for the stars to change the perspective of other's for you

    Just because you are soft and with delicate heart you will force yourself to be slug down. Be courageous enough to burn in wildfire to be the aureate soul. Award yourself with golden lotuses for achieving all the enlightenment.

    It's okay to sluggish into the deep mud. We are born in this world for undergoing some sort of suffering. The vital part of the human, ikigai to undergo the phase of dolent. It makes you stronger and teaches you to resist the temptations of evil. As the loto blooms more beautifully even slugged up in a slimy pond muck.

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    Loto~ lotus
    Unalome ~symbol for the journey to enlightenment
    Blanco~ white
    Tyyneys ~ state of peacefulness
    Rojo, coccineous ~ red
    Azul, cyaneous ~ blue
    Dopamine ~ the right balance of emotions
    Morado, porphyrous ~ purple
    Foster ~ encourage the development
    Gramary ~ occult learning
    Seraphic ~ Blissful life
    Aureate ~ golden
    Kalopsia ~ things appear more beautiful than they really are
    Ikigai ~ a reason for being
    Dolent ~ full of sorrow
    Elysian ~ divinely inspired
    Parastin ~ protect

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