• fearspear 170w

    Kait felt a light yet chilly breeze caressing her shoulders. Immediately, she pulled the blanket over her husband's shoulders, securing him. She couldn't help but admire how handsome he was. Somethings never change. She watched him, chuckling to herself, she always used to tease him about his preference of a clean shaved face. She would always say that he looked like a newborn. She pulled his hair away from his forehead to kiss it, careful not to wake him up. Almost all if his hair was gray already. She remembered the time she used to visit the salon every fortnight to cover up her grays. But, at 65, you do stop caring about your hairstyles. She got off the bed, to close the window, it wouldn't be any good if any of them caught a cold. As she went to the window she could hear her tenant saying "well, he's definitely not the one." Her friend whined in reply, "but how would I when I really do fall in love?". Kait chuckled to herself. She shut the window and returned to the bed. She thought about the time when she had the same problem, when she had asked herself the same question over and over again. She'd never fallen in love before Nick. She had no idea how to know what love is. Or how she would know when she is in love. And to this date, she doesn't really know the answer. It's not something that can be explained. But she did know one thing for sure, when you really do love someone, you will know. It's not a feeling that you can miss or be doubtful about. You will just know. And it's going to be beautiful. She looked at Nick, smiling subconsciously. She snuggled against his chest as she drifted off to her beauty sleep.