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    Mothers have a special way
    Of saying that they care
    Loving us from afar sometimes
    Without even being there
    No matter what goes wrong in life
    It is a comfort to know
    They will never judge us no matter
    How many tantrums we may throw
    You are special to me
    Because you are also my best friend
    And I know we will have each other’s
    Back right till the very end

    I was a very naughty child and still somehow
    Was the apple of your eye.
    I think I was one of those
    Children who were lucky to not
    Have been separated from their
    Mothers even when they were at work
    Because I would be tied to your back,
    Like the local native population
    In my town and so I would simply go
    Wherever you did.
    I still begin to smile
    Just recollecting those days of fun
    With you. My favourite memory from
    Childhood is sitting on the kitchen
    Counter and poking holes into savoury
    Snacks that you would be
    Waiting to prep and fry.
    You and I would either listen to your
    Favourite songs on the cassette player
    Or sing some ourselves while we cooked.
    This inculcated the love for music
    In me at a very tender age. I still remember
    Those days fondly when we still sing
    Them together even now ....
    So many decades later.
    The whole environment of food and
    Music and your company
    Were and will always remain my
    Favourite memory from my childhood.


    7th of December, 2021

    Pic credit: picture circa 1985

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