• lunarwolf 61w

    Just a random thought that turned into this.

    ��A Flower's Jealousy��

    He plants me with care
    putting me in a position the sun can pat me
    so with it I can grow happily
    he talks to and waters me
    giving me what I need to grow
    everyday he's been there
    as I grew from the ground from a seed

    I bloom so wonderfully
    he said he was proud of me
    I could hear it in his voice
    yet I look around and see other flowers just like me
    I was confused by this revelation
    how could he be all of our caretaker
    yet I watch him do what he does for me with them
    helping them bloom for him

    My petals filled with envy
    my leaves shook with animosity
    thorns grew out of my very frame
    the wind blew my scent of anger
    yet he comes and waters me with sincerity
    he makes sure I grow to bless the Earth with beauty
    I feel ashamed about what colors had painted me
    so I vow to bloom even more beautifully
    while vowing to never again be a flower of jealousy
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #jealousy #flower

    ��Sometimes we think the ones that are there for us are meant to be the one. But not everyone is the one. Sometimes they are just there to help us to grow to be the person we need to be. So allow the nourishment and realize the true gardener behind the temporary caretaker "GOD" ��

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    A Flower's Jealousy

    My petals was opened to him yet my jealousy almost caused me to prick him