• noel_chacko 94w

    Saturday night, you just came back from work.
    But yes, tonight you were spoilt for options.
    Your phone pinged? Want to go out for that movie?
    But, but, you remembered today is when your favorite IPL team has its match, or maybe, that feeling of your couch and match, Wow.

    We all had days like these, some dull but some, extremely active and options a plenty. Also, for that vibe of, a hard day at work, school and coming back to relax and do something happy with people you love.

    It's been more than 4 months, since all this took a halt, life suddenly turned up to be monotonous, for some it wasn't a drastic change but for the rest, a huge one.
    Some have people to text up every night, telling how eager you are to meet them.
    While some, rest back, loving their own independent self much more.

    We all, went through alot of issues, some huge, some small, news flooded with endless political drama, rapid surge of cases everyday and many losing their life due to this pandemic & floods combined.

    But yes, you held up your own all this while, fighting the demons in your head, holding your loved ones a bit more close by heart, wishing this all would end up so soon and there you go, back to your life with dreams to conquer.
    And believe me, you so will because you are a fighter, one of a different kind.

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    4 months down!

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