• autumn_fairy 6w


    Laugh out till I repent for my sins
    Which hides behind the mountains of evergreen leaflets
    As I bid goodbye
    To my
    Bloody l i f e ...

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    shall do..
    To slowly glue my beating broken pieces
    So I dug a grave for my heart

    The sun said
    I should repent for my sins singing winters
    Of monochromatic heartbeats
    Which left me alone
    In the bloody dusks of a river
    Which I refused to row down
    Cause there was no space of vibrant colours
    To draw colours on my vibrant canvas
    Until it melts away
    Cause I'm too exhausted to do so
    Due to my repenting sins...

    I dug,
    A grave for my heart
    Firstly by digging the soils from a broken piece of glass
    Which I used to
    C u t m y v e i n s
    Of running
    B l o o d
    Which covered my naked body
    In bruises of my living carcusses
    Then I took out my blade of tears
    And cut my
    Heart shaped
    S k i e s
    Digging and planting in my graveyard
    Which I longed for
    Since a long time ago ...

    Now I
    Looked at the last sunsets
    For the very last time
    As I cut the strings of my life
    Bathing in the bloods
    d u s k y blades
    Bidding you goodbye
    F o r e v e r ....