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    This is inspired by @my_cup_of_poetry one poem ( Thanks for inspiring)

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    is a 40 years old grimmest - jawed umbrella
    carrier who has forgotten more than a dozen of umbrellas in the local train or in the 90's filter it was his father who had forgotten him along the roadside in a perambulator to enjoy vodka shots.
    ( ~ in reference to FORGETTING by Lynd )

    is a 21 years old insane frowning in jealousy, absolutely born out of rage and heartbreaks. Always waiting with whetted sword at 2 a.m. for taking revenge at abandoned streets.

    is a 9 months old womb of a mother who is actually waiting to enjoy the first kick or the merry-go-round who has been cursed by a mother for years for her lost child.

    is that i̶n̶t̶r̶o̶v̶e̶r̶t̶ 4 years old girl who hides under the dupatta of her mother to escape her relatives and beyond the horizon she is the latent sun immersing slowly leaving the evening serenity behind.

    is a mom's handmade broccoli dish which was supposed to be a chicken frankie according to her only son at the table and it always wishes for better luck next time

    is a livid and splenetic teeth gritted in a fiesty snare, where even a metallic spoon finds it's way too hard to pass through. Patience does injustice then by hissing out rough words making it an unholy place to take God's name.

    is an airtight balloon willing to burst . But every time it takes an attempt, it fails thinking the elasticity may mock at.

    is a 55 years old single father who wants his son to give him another chance and still struggling to be a better father from tomorrow.