• modulus 7w

    I want to toss my phone into the dustbin

    I want to toss my phone into the dustbin
    After blocking all contacts of " virtual friends"
    And deleting all my accounts clean.
    Before it's too late to make amends.

    I want to disappear off the location grid
    And escape the perpetual intrusion into my privacy
    Tracking every wrong thing I ever did
    Where personal space is a childish fallacy.

    I long to go back to when I was prude and innocent
    But this impenetrable web around the multiverse
    Instead brings the past to bury which I'm as intent
    As escaping from the clutches of this Internet's curse.

    I wish to live how people did in the era I've never seen
    When there were no computers and smartphones
    And no raging impulse to chuck my phone in the bin
    Where AI wouldn't replace the feelings in my bones.