• fz_fika 25w


    let's take a walk down the streets of our childhood.
    let's knock on the house of ecstacy,
    where we jumped and laughed in the rain,
    happy and carefree in our domain,
    Running and getting joy from our pain,
    Excited to leave school back to our terrain,
    Remember all that?.

    let's take a leap at our childhood,
    where we were building sand castles,
    while our clothes turn into mantles.
    Climbing the mango trees,
    while being chased by the bees.
    drawing shapes on sand,
    hopping on one feet,
    while we scream for victory.
    Remember all that?.

    let's take a stroll down the park of our childhood,
    where strangers weren't dangers
    Where our screams and cheers,
    filled the air as we glide down the rollercoasters,
    The roller coaster of joy and innocence,
    Not that of adulthood and pains.
    Remember all that?.

    let's flip back to the page of our childhood,
    where our mother's voices were loud,
    like the roar of a lion,
    for us to leave the rain and the scorching sun,
    but we still refused to be shaken by such roar,
    after which later we get spanked,
    Yet we still go back to the rain and sun.
    Remember all that?.

    let's reminisce on the Moments,
    which we can never go back to,
    but we hold on in our hearts,
    so dear and precious to us,
    The precious childhood memories!.