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    Dear Miraquill family!

    In 2016 we launched Mirakee, a creative outlet for writers and readers with in-app designing tools to upload visually appealing images. But building new features is about learning as much as it’s about making. It’s also about tough choices. The recent change of name was part of our endeavour to improve and move forward. Miraquill is an appropriate choice to portray our objectives and aspirations. It also expresses our zeal to constantly evolve as a dynamic community for writers and readers.

    Over the past few months we have increased focus on our concerns to achieve a safe platform in compliance with the new IT Laws in India. Moving further in that direction, Miraquill is now going to only support images from Unsplash library. This image library provides you with an option to choose from 1 million+ high-quality images. Update your app to access this collection of images in the library. Please note that all images uploaded on the platform will be archived. What that means for you is that these images will be available on your profiles for 60 days. After that the textual content of your posts will remain intact and the images will be replaced with a background color. You can edit your posts with Unsplash images or change the background color of your post. You can also save your posts with images in your gallery if you wish to retain the images.
    For the same reason, Miraquill will only support profile images imported from your Google or Facebook accounts. Update your app to refresh your profile images. This is a step against profile pictures that pose problems such as impersonation of other individuals.
    These changes will be reflected with immediate effect. Please make sure to update your apps to the latest version.

    Here's to a new Mirakee. A safer Mirakee.
    Here's to Miraquill.

    We are sorry family ��, we know you don't like these changes but we have to comply with the rules and take the necessary measures. Ultimately this increased focus on making Miraquill a safe haven for writers will help us create even better experiences for you in times to come. Hold our hands and let us embark on this journey together.

    PS : The updated version does not remove the bio from your profiles. Please update to the latest version to access the bio.

    If you are facing any issues with the new update please write to us at support@miraquill.com. We will try to resolve ASAP! ��

    Lots of love! ❤️
    Team Miraquill

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    To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.
    - Winston Churchill