• xexza_ 74w

    Anchor in the Storm

    Firm I stand, 

    As the tempest rages on;

    As the sails by winds are torn;

    As the turbulence malignly rocks our ship,

    Always there, a strong hand. 

    Firm I stand,

    A shoulder to all;

    If I shudder, they fall.

    Does a shoulder need a shoulder?

    Maybe that's not for me to understand. 

    Firm I stand-

    Or maybe so it seems;

    Can no one hear my screams?

    Oh how much I would love to sit!

    But duty shouts in reprimand.

    Firm still I stand,

    With each moment a new anguish born, 

    Still I have to be an anchor in the storm;

    Unmoved, benumbed and reticent, 

    Only strongly rooted in the sand.