• gaayathri 35w

    Chamber of Flowers

    I beheld the realm of flowers
    A bewitching beauty — aroused
    My sense of wonder.

    In the first chamber, I saw
    A loitering swain with a red hue
    Embellished in his cheeks
    Ah ! A host of coquettish Roses.

    The second chamber—
    Bright as the forenoon sky
    Presented the Sunflowers, usurped—
    The sight of every soulful eye.

    The third chamber—
    Imbued innocence and purity
    Or elegance and beauty of dandified
    White Orchids— becharmed the mealybugs.

    The fourth chamber—
    Beside the lake—lies the Daffodils
    Stunned at his own reflection
    Fell in love with himself— Pathetic Narcissus.

    And there we are
    In the chamber of Freya—
    Where lies the blossom of Daisies
    With innocence and purity.

    And finally, the Elysium—
    The chamber of Lavender
    With an alluring fragrance—
    A purple lake, I've drowned
    Bewitched my soul and senses,
    It won my heart.