• sitstillinthecarplease 7w


    Implosion of the mind, eyes dart coldly,
    illusory horrors are the walls that enfold me.
    Memories are null in the blur of regret,
    people move further away the closer they get.

    Thunder of my thoughts breed
    images of nought but
    my fears becoming what I am.
    Is it a ruse or the cracking of the dam?

    Pacing in the hallway,
    shaking of my limbs,
    as time slowly passes,
    the light inside me dims

    Presto heartbeat overflowing with
    all my logic unknowing what
    predatory panic lurks nearby.
    Overcome with tears but I cannot cry.

    Maybe I'll exist forever in mental anguish,
    maybe I'll wake up tomorrow blind,
    maybe I'll drown myself in questions,
    maybe I won't.