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    I'm Lilac

    I was born to the whispers of the dying sylvan meadows and the lamenting river Naiad.
    Her sorrow named me Syringa, the paragon of beauty, the nymph that evoked the pain of her lost love.

    I grew up in the wilted meadows, watering the parched shrubs, listening to the euphony of the zephyr and talking to the hornbills on the canopy, praying for a flower to bloom.

    And when the dusky sunset would wipe my tears, I walked back to the river, to my mother, to my home, where a sapped frame awaited to embrace me.

    I would often go meandering with her, yearning to get a glimpse of the untamed and desolate prairie stretching into boundless darkness beyond, curious to explore.

    One day, tangled by a promise to return, I walked into the tenebrous forest inhaling the fragrance of loneliness that permeated fear. Few strides into the darkness, a silhouette outlined afar, startling me.

    Betwixt the giant sequoias, I traced that pair of lustful eyes preying on me, Silvanus, the danger that kept my mother worried by the banks of river, the danger from which there was no escape.

    With the bone crippling sound of fear riverberating through my skin, I ran cradling the pain of my
    syncopated heartbeats that took the danger far
    away from my mother.

    Legs failed to take me far and I fell into the dead meadows sprawling tears, to see her one last time.

    But little did I know about lost love,
    little did I know about the tears of a maimed dyrad,
    as I burgeoned again.

    The shape-shifter of the meadows was born that day,
    a nymph that restored a blooming spring of the lush meadows.

    I'm the dolorous tale of the dark woods,
    hidden in the misty hedgerows like a guardian,
    watching over the river and the meadows as
    the mauve flowerspike of the spring.
    I'm lilac.


    ~Penned on 15th June 2021, 4PM

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    I'm Lilac