• aditii_ 16w

    *yellow is also stated as a colour of betrayal. (negative way)

    TW : rape, blood.

    #left #colour maybe :*

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    Brown sugar cupboard

    a pale palette, yellow teeth patches,
    groomed teddy bear, raped till death,
    fallen shingle, stored as a gem,
    crumbled bedsheet, with menstruation stains,
    a cupboard holds so much of pain,
    how is it possible, to look at it with naked eyes?

    a lurking silence, standing infront of cupboard mirror,
    wild cocaine dose, battling with morning caffeine,
    the yellow smile of betrayal, glittering in sun dissolved fields;
    sweat soaked in pupil, it burns but not more than threating afternoons,
    palatte shades, divulging black's of every colour,
    count yellow into it, who is scratching dried tears

    cotton clouds emerging from brown crochet bear,
    the dead blood of assault numb with shock,
    hands ripped with red scratches,
    eyes glued with celling above,
    the walls frozen by the violent movie scene that passed away,
    blood and screams buried in coffin, with the guilt left in heart

    souvenirs collected, from every corner of house,
    why can't you leave it? this place was bitter to you;
    piano notes, banging head on doors,
    “don't leave” they scream, but the bag is already kicked out,
    harassing night captured in camera roll, to blackmail in morning,
    the threats sinking in and writing a poetry

    small bedsheet, laying dead,
    of pain under stomach, which is crawling till face,
    complex structures of universe,
    forming a chamber to store depressed cells,
    the constant movement of earth,
    ticking like a clock hanging on wall,
    crumbs of last year weekends, stored in a bell jar for today,
    but sadly there is nothing left,
    except a mere molecule from the blood you shed

    brown sugar cupboard, opening door to pessimistic days,
    every single thing, tasting like lemon pickle,
    grief stored in that cupboard, pouring warm melted sugar on heart,
    everything is deserted, just because of a wood storage kept.