• just_another_voice 8w

    I was silent

    I was silent,
    when justice was burnt to ashes
    along with her ravaged body, and
    their hands coated with her blood
    was released to paint pictures of freedom.

    I was silent,
    when their golden plates
    filled with delicacies failed
    to satisfy their hearts, while
    muddy hands were extended
    with desperation for a bit of kindness.

    I was silent,
    when they planned for wars
    hiding behind the veil of humanity,
    but wept crocodile tears over
    the dreams shattered and hopes ruined.

    I was silent,
    when voices of reason were muffled
    under the boots of tyranny,
    when the promises were washed away
    after the seats were secured,
    when unity is injected with poison
    of hatred and doubt,

    I was silent,
    whilst inside I was seething,
    to rage against the unfairness,
    to shout against the evil lurking around,
    but this is not permanent,
    one day my voice will rise
    with the power of thousands
    to stop the wrongs and wake the rights.