• fromwitchpen 7w

    Konpal means a leaflet .
    Parizaad means born of the fairies .

    This I wrote after watching a serial 'Parizaad'. Totally inspired from it . The poetry in its episodes hit me so hard.
    Crediting that particular show for the theme.


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    Stale Poems

    see the rain, see the topic
    see those innocent memories
    in the end
    see that picture again, sink thy fears
    the oar of saudade will take your boat
    to the wilderness
    where wanderers like you
    surrender to love

    knives and forks' can't be same–as you and him
    how many times will you erase the shades
    the crimsons from those blues?

    that lipgloss, kajal and bangles
    are now far beneath the seabeds
    hard as hoof of those horses which once clopped on the desert of thy heart
    delicate as the konpal of your voice
    those pieces of our story
    now the combers vomit out as conches

    I love nights, I love those empty coffee mugs,
    I love waiting for you, I love the grey and white keys of piano,
    I love the vacant seats in the back of cinema halls, I love the stale poems which I wrote for you,
    I love to hate the reason you left me,
    I love the graveyard of my unsaid confessions, I love that rooftop of betrayals,

    Today when we met again

    you saw that thunder hidden in rains, the fire in those innocent memories,
    the picture as in person, the oar of saudade in form of a quill

    my poems are not stale now
    they changed their topic– its not you now
    it is me and that inferno in me
    my identification

    I mayhap not born of the fairies
    but I'm happy I'm not the station
    of your train where you stop for
    few minutes to play with the lost
    passenger (heart) and then after
    stitching a pocket of hope on his
    shirt you leave to stop on another

    • from parizaad (born of the fairies) who now is proud of his burnt color and stale poems. who don't sell his art in markets but sails his words till they find the perfect and fresh dough of poetry.