• gladiator001 42w


    I have masticated your love
    for years and many more
    sometimes fast to never last
    and slow before it could grow
    It was luscious before
    Now it feels insipid
    My gums ache for days
    My cavities reek of rubber
    But I cannot take a break
    and I cannot throw it out
    neither can I swallow it
    Sometimes I feel it isn't there
    but there it is in denial
    and I know it is a redundancy
    and I know my redundancy
    Flavors that are gone in haste
    If my tongue can taste
    and I keep on asking myself
    why I don't feel hunger
    Why don't I crave for
    something else now
    My hunger is in satiation
    and I don't remember
    what I had tasted before