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    1. Death Note sequel gets english release date.

    2. BTS singer V's 'Christmas Tree' becomes longest-charting Korean OST on Spotify'.

    3. Shreya Lenka of Odisha one step away from becoming 1st ever K-Pop idol from India.

    4. Experiment by Indian scientist disapproves Einstein's understanding of reality.

    5. Shankar the Elephant : plea to send lonely African animal home from India.

    6. Fresh WD to drench J&K, Himachal, Delhi,Haryana, Punjab, UP, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal from feb 2 to 4.

    7. Microsoft extends earning growth on continued cloud services strength.

    8. Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio highlights SL elephants issue.

    9. Fans applaud Kapil Sharma for talking about battling alcoholism and depression in Netflix special.

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    1. The word ink is from Latin and means "colored water"

    2. The Origins of Ink Date Back to the Bronze Age.

    3. Permanent Ink Isn't Really Permanent.

    4.Squid Ink Can Help Fight Cancer.

    5. Ancient Civilisations Made Ink from People (burnt bones and ashes).

    6. Printer ink is insanely expensive.

    7. Ink lures millions of termites to their death.


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    Asar Kuch Khwab Ka Ghunchon Mein Baqi Hai To Ae Bulbul!

    "Bawa Ra Talakh Tar Mee Zan Choo Zauq-E-Nagma Kamyabi"

    ᵗʳᵃⁿˢˡᵃᵗⁱᵒⁿ :

    If there is still some trace of sleep left in the buds,my nightingale Then make your songs more plaintive, for you found their desire to hear your melody too little.


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    ☆ Zaftig :-

    Having a full, rounded figure

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    ° Book-You've Reached Sam

    ° Webtoon - Killstagram

    ° Anime - As the moon so beautiful

    ° Kdrama - At a distance, spring is green


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    Dear boys without a girlfriend, how does it feel?

    Girls also get rejected bro, struggles are real.