• sheenacatherinebelle 6w

    Religions are just a made up story...

    I was born as a Roman Catholic Christian,
    Grew up with Hindus Workshipped Lord Ganesh and other Gods upto the age of 10.
    Later I fell in Love with Muslim culture, started wearing scarf for three years.
    Only my friends knew how crazy I am.
    After graduating my school I started loving Buddhism, loved the thoughts shared by him.
    Later and Later on,
    I no longer believe in Religion.
    Religion is just a Mirage to escape from the reality.
    I've realised that,
    My education has given me the every freedom that it's absurd for me to believe such discriminations.
    I'm not just devoted to one community, I'm a normal human who's made up of flesh and bones similar to other animals.
    I bleed if I get hurt the same goes to other creatures.
    Love everyone without any discrimination is the Ultimate truth of existence.
    People may say I'm a fool,
    But I not gonna care.