• aparajitayograj 95w

    The previous life death under the tomb.
    Welcomed a little embryo, inside its mother's womb.
    Still oblivious of what it was going to be in this world.
    Weeks passed in the memories of the past and it was lost in its dreamworld.
    They said, it should be a 'Y', but it was blessed by its father to be his baby girl.

    She was a crazy dramatic but not one of the lunatics.
    Entered into a world of religious fanatics.
    The world was a bad place, she had to fear, she was told.
    Warnings and orders, she had to make memories, had to mould.
    The school was fun, with swings and stairs, and play and prayers; she was loving to be a school girl.

    Growing she was accustomed to the norms.
    She had to be safe for she could kill with her charms.
    She was making memories, but not living freely to her best.
    Dawned to her the fact, that the world was beautiful, it was your eyes that had to test.
    So she let go of her fears, learnt it was not 'he' or 'she', 'good' or 'bad', living every moment for she was no more a show girl.

    Now it was a soul, breathing peacefully, singing in the air.
    It got its identity, which freed it of all the despair.
    Now it was again making memories, but moving and jumping its way.
    Not a gender or a religion, not a country or a race, it was not tomorrow not yesterday.
    Making memories in the present, it was rising and growing, dancing to the tunes it loved, for now it knew how to twirl!



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