• kingdomdelight 19w


    Mine Home is created in heaven
    long before I was born
    Gemstones and treasures from heaven
    being laid up in mine heart

    Birth, through mine mother's womb
    A loud cry, planted mine lil house, firm on earth!
    Yet to mature, in godly form, I needed to swept, daily with a broom!
    Solid Rock, the Word, the strong foundation, on earth
    Storms and bad weather, couldn't break this lil house down!

    Now, mine house is strong and big,
    Cosy, warm, with many rooms, filled with God's love
    The Lord, the owner, to present mine life as a ripe summer fig
    The heart the front door to His amazing love

    Oh, mine house, too needs maintance
    from time to time
    Repainting, the inner walls, to keep godly balance
    Light blue and a tint of grey, fruitful in God's time

    My roof has been painted black, this year
    Nothing impossible with God, unlimited and unknown,
    the blessings upon me ...in mine heart and tongue, so very near
    All because the eternal Keeper of mine soul is to me, well-known
    The Lord's mine best friend, Father, Thee Almighty Lord and risen King!