• sundarcvc 11w


    Two things are eating my soul,
    The ideas that are being sold,
    And trying to fit in every shiny mould.
    What if we try to be bold?
    Will be viewed as an outcast low and behold,
    Listen to others for they are more wise,
    Again and Again grilled in and told,
    Only to realize there is no fit all one size.
    And yet,we all want to get that ultimate prize.
    The prize of struggle free life.
    Within which all these ideas,
    Neatly packed,
    And inside our head they are cleverly,
    Discreetly stacked.
    So when the time comes to act,
    We have unknowingly,
    Already signed a pact.
    All these shiny mould of life changing hacks,
    Are just a large scale experiment,
    To see how we conduct and react,
    The result,results in the creation,
    Of the other shiny fascinations,
    Carrying on in the name of the nation,
    Their intellectual assassinations.
    Keeping us running is there vocation.
    For if we don't proceed with caution,
    They'll make us run till exhaustion.
    For if you stop to take a breath,
    You're immediately said you lack passion.
    For passion is the current market fashion,
    The market for human emotion,
    Selling them life's shiny promotion,
    Hiding behind it is all the dark motivation.
    Can't blame them totally,
    As they are all our very own creation.