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    ~I am love ~

    • When you were an infant
    Gazing at your innocent face with those curious and radiant eyes, your mom constantly used to smile...
    ~I was present in that unconditional smile of your mother who
    always found HER OWN REFLECTION IN YOU~

    • When you were a growing teenager
    Those people out there in the society filled you with insecurities and inside you evolved a self doubt...
    ~I was present in that "DON'T WORRY my little champ, YOU CAN DO IT" told by your dad,
    who had never dying faith in you since the very start~

    • When you were turning into an adult
    Back then when you were clueless about your life and wanted to end everything with a sharp cut of a knife...
    ~I was present in those eyes of the guy to whom you were his entire life,
    Looking at the broken you, whose eyes yelled, "I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU. DARLING, I NEED YOU TO SURVIVE."~

    • When it was the time for your farewell
    And you were living the final moments of your life...
    ~I was present in all those memories going across your head
    Which you wanted to cherish even on your DEATHBED~


    //I am a walk in the rain
    I am present in every lover's each single vein
    I am a tool for a broken heart to mend
    I am a road to walk on, without any end
    I am present in the serene moon who visits you every dark night
    Reminding you to adorn your scars and still shine bright
    I am a romantic song which can make anyone sway
    I am the air without which you can't survive a single day
    I am tender, pure and genuine
    I was born to make this world a better place to live in
    I am not wicked, it's you who used me for wrong
    I am a boon whose presence makes every bond strong
    They say I live in their hearts and I feel like every other emotion
    But trust me, I am rare yet if you try to seek me, I'm endowed in God's each single creation
    I don't break people's heart and I am not illicit
    I am love and I am in myself enough explicit//

    They say "Love is like the air
    You can't see it
    But you can feel it."
    So fall in love and feel me!

    ©LOVE ||someone_you_all_know

    ||Falling in love is never a crime.
    Breathe love. Pure love.||


    [PROMPT 2 : POV of love]
    Lines in "..." are from the novel A WALK TO REMEMBER by NICHOLAS SPARKS

    @say_me_krish ik this is a complete mess! ;_;

    Ps. Just tried something different from my usual write ups. And tbh I personally don't know how to write a pov and I don't even remember reading one!
    So just scribbled anything that came to my head. Please pardon if there lies any mistake. Suggestions are most welcomed, as always!

    Edit : I'm still not able to believe that I'm freaking the second runner up of this challenge. Thank you so much everyone for your kind read❤
    Much grateful ��

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