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    @morsel good morning. Trying to write a damn funny caption to tag you, so that I can even out the emotion in the piece. Go ahead, read it. You deserve all the love in this world. Ro bhi lena. I love you❤️

    Oh and these lines are for you-:
    "Cause there is no guarantee
    That this life is easy
    Yeah, when my world is falling apart
    When there's no light to break up the dark
    That's when I, I
    I look at you
    When the waves
    Are flooding the shore and I can't
    Find my way home anymore
    That's when I, I
    I look at you."
    - When I Look At You, Miley Cyrus
    Listen to the whole song, yeah?❤️ Take care you.

    @samarlexis @jerry_21 @dusky_dawn tagging you guys is a habit now *_*

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    How do I begin writing about someone
    Who leaves me speechless and takes away my words with everything she does?
    How do I explain someone
    Who makes me feel that no amount of words for her are enough?
    That's how she is.
    A perfect amalgamation of
    Prose and poetry,
    Myriad of shades and a perfect hue,
    And even if her hue becomes disoriented,
    I find myself gaping in awe
    With the kind of chaos she creates
    For her chaos and mess ain't chaos and mess.
    It's art. It's a masterpiece she carries so perfectly well
    That you wouldn't even know her hue is disoriented.
    And that is something that should be appreciated often.
    In fact, she deserves all the appreciations.
    Personally, she should be lauded, with metaphors.
    Hell, even the literary devices would fail to explain
    The kind of masterpiece she is in herself.

    I want to paint every shade of her, every aspect of her
    With my words and this blue ink.
    I'm writing and writing about her mindlessly
    Because she's so effortless
    Writing about her is effortless.
    Yes, it's a different thing.
    To explain her completely, and entangle every string of her
    Because that would take I don't know how many universes.
    But I'll entangle as many threads as I can
    Because I have her in this one. And I wish I have her in other universes as well.
    Our fate collided one fine day, and I'm so glad they did.
    The day they did, I knew she was something.
    What I didn't know, is that she would turn out to be someone
    Who makes me thankful for my existence and for hers as well.
    Someone who makes me feel like I'm worthy of all the good things in life
    Like I'm not devoid of love.
    So I won't leave any chance,
    Of making her feel the same.

    I hope you find yourself in these words,
    If not the words, I hope you find yourself in the spaces of every stanza and every letter.
    Consider this your home,
    Come rest here, let the voices inside your mind hush themselves in this mere poetry.
    Your voice, hearing it, takes me to another world
    A world which describes utopia
    Where it's just you and I
    In a place which is formless; I can't describe what it looks like.
    But I can tell you what it feels like
    It feels calm. It feels like warmth.
    It feels home.
    Or maybe it's you, who feels like home.

    "How can I call love?
    Without photographs
    Without the candlelights
    Without candy floss and firelights
    I call it home and I call it her's."

    If I'm your home
    You're the reason why this home hasn't turned into a house.

    "She is enough
    To break my infinity
    To make my sky gleam
    To bring that same home."

    My infinity diffuses with your infinity
    Like the pieces of a puzzle.
    That were lost in this space once.
    You are my sky, and you are my home.
    Above all, you are mine.