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    She was on the first floor and the atmosphere was the same there. It was hard to identify anything in the darkness.
    Then she took a moment and rewind her day in her mind. All-day she was preparing for her sister's birthday party and in the excitement, she hadn't eaten anything. She was having a packet full of cupcakes but she didn't want to open it before the party. Her eyes sparkled when she saw a food corner with a lot of delicious food in the glass showcase. there was Biryani, Fried rice, Noodles and all the good food she could imagine.
    She took a plate and ladled some biryani as it was her favourite, and sundae ice cream too.
    Then she ate her food in a happy mood and was feeling full.
    But all of a sudden...
    She came back to her senses, she looked around and noticed the place she was in looked untouched for years. There was dust all around, flickering dim tubelight,broken showcase glass, and when she looked at her plate, there were insects and roaches in her plate. Then she felt weird and puked on her left side.
    And after she got herself out of that weird place, she took a sigh of relief.
    After walking a few steps she heard a little girl calling her name very sweetly and giggling continuedly . Then she recalled that it was the same giggling sound she heard from the toy corner. She thought there must be a little girl who got stuck in the rain like her.
    The little girl was giggling continuously and khushnuma followed her voice.

    To be continued ...


    Original Concept By My Sister Khushnuma

    Story developed and written by Me ��

    Corrections and Criticism are appreciated ��

    #horror #story #suspense #thriller #psychological #paranormal #underconstructionu

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