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    Green: One word to 24% matching text. Yellow: 25-49% matching text. Orange: 50-74% matching text. Red: 75-100% matching text
    Blue: No plagiarism.
    ~ according to Turnitin (an Internet-based plagiarism detection service)

    /What is plagiarism in your eyes ? Is it that your few words can be found beautifying someone else poem ?
    Plagiarism isn't about words , concept or
    corresponding to nature.

    ~If the words you use like let me give my example a word 'cwtch' many of us write. But I know hundreds of users here got to know about this word from me. And what about me? I also got to know about this word from a vocab page at Instagram. So can I say that these people who started using this word in their write ups that I own this word and you are copying me? No, I can not cause I'm not the one who actually invented this word.

    ~If your concept is somehow same after reading someone later then he is a plagiarizer but if you read the same concept written before you wrote then you aren't a plagiarizer. Is it so? Concepts can be same but the way of expression can vary. This is not plagiarism.

    ~sky is beautiful. You can read this line almost everywhere. This is a natural thing which no one can pilagirize.

    Yes, if your exact words are being used by someone without giving you credits. This is called plagiarism.
    As the miraquilleans rather than posting this or warning people contact with Carolyn Ma'am or send a mail to miraquill with proofs. They will surely look into this matter.
    I'm saying this all cause I have done a very big mistake by myself here a few months ago by disturbing the peace of miraquill and posting posts about plagiarism. But, I learned after such experience "to not to show anger be peaceful"
    Notify the admins/

    PS- People plagiarize the best ones be proud of yourself and they plagiarized you, you didn't so let them take stress, be happy!


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    ( I̶n̶s̶p̶i̶r̶e̶d̶ Plagiarized)

    A few words of Shakespeare
    tranquilizing them with a haiku
    of Matsuo Basho,

    Taking a bit of green-lines
    from an anonymous writer
    playing hide and seek with other's
    eyes by showing them as
    Pressing a yellow-paragraph
    of a lovelorn prose inside
    one's poem making the metaphors
    scream on such cruelty plucked
    from not-so-famous book,
    Combining a few orange-pages
    and complimenting them with
    a speaker's words (Ted talks)
    clasping a copyright beneath
    I have tasted shoreline
    of plagiarism,
    Not even bothering to
    veil up the whole write up
    just changing the title
    such lethargy and red-nuts
    are very easy to find

    I want to take a blue paint
    coloring the seas and graves with
    purity and to create an