• queerqueenathena 21w

    The Moon Goddess (meditating hour)

    Staring at the moon
    Feeling like a loon.
    I heard the elements croon
    Aligning in my favor
    Singing with flavor.
    They called onto my saver
    The Goddess of the night.
    She looked at me with grace,
    And I felt a soothing shiver
    Pacing through my spine.
    With all my senses at rest
    I let my soul talk
    I let myself cry.
    I was one with the earth.
    My tears dried in the wind
    My body laid still
    In that special moment
    When my emotions were weightless.
    "Light as a feather
    Stiff as a board!"
    Chanted my spirit
    As She took charge of my burdens,
    And guided my mind
    Back into hopeful sensitivity.