• surefire 4w

    He huddled up
    as the dry September
    breeze wafted over him,
    something inside him
    rose to its feet
    his thoughts aligned
    themselves with a voice,
    a voice that was now
    standing tall,
    a voice that had
    no shape or form,
    a voice that had been
    hushed and forgotten,
    a voice that had
    reached a crescendo;
    she drew up her knees,
    as she sat down beside him,
    something glistened
    in her fierce eyes
    something feminine,
    something he yearned for.

    The clouds parted
    above their heads,
    the wind tickled the tree
    that housed them,
    a few leaves tinged with
    yellow fell on the ground;
    tears of laughter.
    The two of them sat there
    smiling at the night sky
    as the stars aligned,
    and the universe
    looked them in the eye
    and the whispers they
    exchanged echoed
    throughout the night.


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