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    I go around,
    praying, preaching, playing.
    poisoned I pester.

    Loving is hard,
    Unloving is an art.
    Sometimes it's better to let them go.

    Praising is a part,
    Life's in between the bitter cart.
    Sometimes it's okay to not be okay.

    Breathe, it's just a phase.
    Smile, the dark nights are accompanied by the moon.
    Oh dear, trust is a facade unknown.

    Your lips stitch the words,
    Some yearn to hear.
    Your heart stiches the stories.
    You yearn to reread.

    Bravery is an accessory,
    few wear, and others keep it in the pocket.
    Life is the stone, which if loses the shine
    becomes useless.

    I wore the bracelet of bravery,
    But it never matched my naive pendant.
    I yearn for breathes of music.

    Darling yesternight,
    I debted some wins.
    But even after winning I lost.

    The smiles of dawn don't last till dusk.
    The bravery of my crown likewise won't fulfill my debt.
    The two plays I play are playing, practicing and praying for parting. The praying you prefer, is punishing my pungent being. The perfume of your praises is choking my throat.