• flame_ 9w


    Dance is not my cup of tea,
    I can be good at others....
    It is not my source of glee..

    May be I am good at it .
    I might be in future ..
    My shy nature
    stops me,

    It restricts my inner being,
    To be joyous again with full vigour,
    Being underconfident paralyzes my legs !
    Huh....For some,
    It can be a union of body and soul,
    For me,It doesn't make me whole !!

    It is rhytmic movements....
    Can pour magic in veins ...
    A ripple of ecstasy moves,
    For those who know this art !!

    Bending of body,
    Mending of soul,
    Comforting to mind,
    Relaxing to nerves,

    Fear for some,
    Music on lips,
    Everybody doesn't know
    These kinda tricks !!