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    A cursed soul never leaves us,
    Until and unless they get under our
    Skin & makes us feel hopeless.

    Every action & in-action has its,
    Consequences, some good and some bad,
    Our destiny and our deeds decides,
    Are there, tears of joy or sorrow?

    Today, the Heaven is dark,
    The trees are sad and downcast,
    All the butterflies have broken wings.

    First the janitor, then the ladies,
    Now the guru, then who’s next?
    The entire heaven pervaded with gore.
    Deadly screams of victims lingering in.

    None of us went to the clique,
    Barley drying up in the fields,
    Restricting tame ones from pasturing,
    Cursing up the entire heaven.

    Poverty and hunger engulfed the hamlet,
    Each thirsty for one another’s gore,
    Aphids start withering the crops,
    Only having depressing tears to drink.

    A village council will clasp today,
    To throw a shaft of light on the issue.
    I, too went there with my father.

    It was a far-reaching colossus banyan tree,
    The panch perching on the fourth of tree,
    We, the ordinary people were ordered,
    To sit on the mezzanine floor unshod,
    Howbeit, it was a 5 member committee.

    First of all, the janitor was probed,
    2 people assisted & made him perch.
    He had a captive white bandage,
    On his eyes, having traces of blood on it.

    He then utter his fear of words,
    That twilight, I saw a newly -wed,
    And an 8-year- old, weeping for help,
    Abruptly, a gust of warm breeze blown,
    Killing up my eyes in vengeance.

    Then the guru is cross-examined,
    He too was in deep shock & pain,
    Two people bring him on a berth,
    Having eyes filled with ichor;
    Regret & his Eyeballs missing…

    I heard an anomaly idea of anklets,
    Then I found a penumbra in the outskirts,
    The lady appealed me for help; I agreed,
    Abruptly, killing up my eyes in vengeance.

    The entire council started hustling & bustling,
    Some says, these are goons, wanting loot,
    Some says, these are neighbors wanting coup,
    Some says, these are critters hungry for blood.

    Some says, an assembly of ladies seeking shelter,
    Abruptly, a lady from the cluster yelled,
    “A lady won’t rape another lady for gold”.
    My father, too jest and said merrily,
    “There’s a soul, a lonely soul, taking revenge”.

    Suddenly, we all felt a gust of warm breeze,
    Desperate to whisper, leaves started revolting,
    The heaven become dark, dust forming an outline,
    All of a sudden, everything went serene.

    None will leave his premises after EENT,
    A janitor is specified for each premise,
    Windows, doors closed; fire beacon,
    Is ought to, the council added.

    Now, the calm of the day ended well,
    The moon hiding itself in soupy sheet of fog,
    Like the black cat lurking in the grass,
    Where the buttery winds keeps the air alive.

    That night my father was janitoring the house,
    Me dozing peacefully without any fear inside,
    Abruptly, all fire beacons of my chamber went out,
    Suddenly, I heard a scream weeping for help,
    It’s indeed!!! Was my father asking for help?

    There’s an anomaly knock on my door,
    Desperate to whisper something in my lughole,
    I felt a gust of warm breeze, haunting me…

    I got terrified and glanced back,
    Suddenly when I opened the door,
    I saw……

    “Our Intentions, Our Reality”

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