• sree_nidhi 25w

    Race Towards First

    Always the runner up
    Never the first,
    Nor the best.

    Like the changing season,
    Thought of her changes from
    Person to Person
    Never permenent.

    Like the wind,
    She kept touching,
    The lives of others.

    Tired of running behind,
    Hiding in someone else's shadows
    As if she doesn't make a difference,
    She thought as she drowned in the indifference.

    And she tried and tried
    To be the first thought,
    That crosses their minds.

    She tried her best
    Everyday as if it was,
    Her first and last time
    Yet all she was,
    Is just a distant echo
    of a great melody
    To all their ears.

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    Race Towards First