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    I am the midnight of forgotten memories you hide behind the melodies of your favourite music. The colour of your skin you stash behind your enchanting faced.The sleepless nights you tuck behind your blueth wet pillows.And when the sufferings fasten the knots of regrets around your neck I fall from your eyes and smudge the smiles resting on the pages of your present.

    "I am an unnoticed dearn emotion you beg every one to notice in your eyes "

    I stand on the tip of your tongue sometimes with the shirty sun of anger, sometimes holding the oceans in my eyes longing to fall on your lips, sometimes like the impish clouds ready to sprinkle the rain of euphoria and sometimes like the cold zephyr yearning to kiss the rose tinted cheeks of your suitor .And you twist your tongue coercing me to slide down into your womb with some bruises and scratches .

    " I am the unsaid words you long to speak"

    I roam around the the cosmos weaving memories on the edges of fantasies, storing them inside the jars of glass along with the stars of scars .I stare at your brown skin adorned with a white a gown and a dreamy smile pasted on your lips, eyes admiring my orbs filled with tears when you take the steps towards me crossing the long winter wearing the anklet of promises holding the springs ,stowing the sakuras of glee in my hairpins.

    "I am an exquisite unpainted scenery your eyes always desire to see "