• lady_witch 31w

    In attic of enthusiastic o'clock
    Dusty hours
    long left facticity
    Implicit sway
    was isolated in cobwebbed
    deflated envelope of concession,

    Sunless past were impacting
    Tomorrow an emigre
    with perpetual ages
    Peace amending forbearance
    consoling wrinkles on the skin
    Experience lingers in naturalism,

    In tucked pale sheet
    I read modification of time
    while fallen arches
    Faulty eyesight
    Enhancing maturity
    And tendency of growing older,

    I merely counted days
    but many years passed
    Making me overaged
    Kept page in pocket
    bit puffed sacrifices
    Folding admonition of life span,

    Did I lost my adolescence
    Or gained seniority
    Was life harsh
    Or learned senescent
    Abandoning ages in experiences
    Found myself ephebic in lofty time...


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    In attic of enthusiastic o'clock
    Found thyself ephebic,
    Although dusty hour gossips
    I'm an overaged!!!