• saniyasain 71w

    Dear Francis, from your mary

    DEAR FRANCIS, From your mary.

    It was a blooming day,
    The winds were rushing
    And I was dancing on the music
    Created by the droplets, falling from the eyes,
    On a loss, of you, or your death which I couldn't explain but still mourn too.

    It's been past few months,
    And I must move on
    To gain the reign, you left,
    For the country we must rule, and for you I mustn't lose.

    The droplets are still falling,
    As if I never stopped crying,
    Or maybe I can't stop dancing on the song,
    Which the droplets were muttering,
    Since your death, as if I still have you by my side, inside my head

    The sun is bright, it's been some years
    And I still can't stop dancing, from time to time
    It reminds me of you and your beautiful mind,
    You were the last best thing that happened to me, in my whole life time

    Your heart is with me
    And mine stayed with you,
    My best times are still near your grave,
    Oh dear forgive me cause I never said a sweet goodbye, cause maybe I wasn't brave.

    I'll soon turn back to the moon
    To return my love
    Until I'm there with you,
    This isn't the end,
    Cause death couldn't break us, until this world upend.

    Poetic style used - ELEGY
    Historic event- DEATH OF KING FRANCIS, QUEEN Mary's ONLY LOVE, they both loved each other to death but they were together for. A short period of time and then francis died, which broke Mary, and she became a heartless and cold women she the went on to fight for her reign from queen elizabeth I.